Special child

Every year there are 131.4 million births and 360,000 births per day  ,out of which there are few people born normal with no disabilities and few are born with disabilities known as  “A Special Child “.

Unfortunately, these special children are  not treated as unique personality but they are recognized  as disabled or mentally challenged people.A mother who gives birth to this child is blamed and  forced to leave  him/her  to a place where similar children are kept and if she decides to raise him/her  then she has to face the whole world who calls her child as disabled .As the child grows ,every other person treats him as an unfortunate one thus,breaking his/her confidence to zero.

Facing all these problems ,his/her mother and father still stand by their child boosting his confidence .Slowly an Steadily he/she learns the way to make his weakness as his/her strength ,but  the world still see him/her as disabled .

My sincere request to those people out there who think these children are a burden to their families ,change your opinions !

They are very “Special ” and require same love and respect as a normal child deserves!